Annuities:  The Shocking Truths Revealed

Discover the Shocking Secrets About Annuities that Banks
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Annuity quote

There are various sources today to get an annuity quote and the best and fastest of all is the Internet. With just a few clicks you can get a quote for various annuity options, all from the comfort of your house. But there are various aspects you need to consider while getting quotes and choosing what is right for you.

Kind of annuity
The first decision you need to make while seeking an annuity quote is understanding about the various kinds of annuities available, and what would suit you best. You need to choose between immediate annuities and deferred annuities. The former is a good option if you want to spread your savings over a period of time as in receiving pensions. The latter is preferred if you want to accumulate savings.

Good service
Today various options are available that you need to be aware of before choosing your annuity plan. You may like to consider spouse benefits, impairment benefits, pension schemes and government incentives before making a choice. This is where experts can come in for your assistance. Look for an insurance company with prompt and helpful customer support that can ease the process for you.

Details sought
While applying for an annuity quote organizations usually ask for personal details, communication details and details on how much premiums you are willing to pay. It is suggested that you divulge these details to trusted names only.

Comparison shopping
A competitive review is the best way to understand the options that different organizations offer today. Make comparisons on the basis of annuity rates, benefits, charges and the relative financial strength of the insurance company. Also with competition becoming more severe, keep your eyes open for benefits like death benefits, living benefits and withdrawal benefits. Many sites offer comparison services, which are a great way to begin. Look for annuity evaluation forms and other such services online. Various organizations like AM Best Company, Mody’s investor services and Standard & Poor’s also provide ratings on insurance companies that can help you while making a choice.

Trade ins
Today it is also possible to trade in an older and possibly under-performing annuity for one that suits your needs better. All this is possible without any out of the pocket expenses, current taxes or hassles on your part. There are tax laws that permit you to move your money from one annuity to another without any charges.

We at are here just to assist you with your annuity requirements. Starting from understanding what you need, to designing a plan that suits you best, we do it all. Also with the most prompt and intelligent panel of experts we seek to make purchasing and maintaining your annuity a simple and easy task.