Humberto Cruz column

Humberto Cruz column
Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel – Shoppers trampling and knocking down one another in their mad rush to the store. Employees blithely using office computers to shop online during work hours. Techno-addicts racking up credit-card debt in pursuit of the hottest — or is it the coolest

Jessica investigates
Telegraph – Many readers complain that the financial institutions that are keen to take their money are less willing to answer legitimate questions. Sometimes the power of the press, in the shape of Jessica Gorst-Williams, can help Couple have 5,200 a year

Jim Donaldson: For Quigley, fun remains the name of the game
Providence Journal – The question, which Dana Quigley could see coming from even further than the distance of a John Daly tee shot, was: “How can you possibly top the year you had in 2005? His answer: You don’t. You don’t even try. And if you don’t — if you just go out

Mishandled nest egg can crack your retirement
Chicago Tribune – A million dollars may sound like a lot of money until you have to make it last for 30 years of retirement. Figuring out how to stretch savings over a lifetime can be tough for many people once they stop working. The oldest Baby Boomers, who are

Hanover Insurance sees loss from unit sale
WRGB – (New York – AP) Hanover Insurance Group expects to take a 457 million dollar loss in 2005. The Worcester-based company cites the sale of its run-off variable life insurance and annuity businesses to Goldman Sachs. Hanover announced the deal in

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