Getting Help With My Annuity

Well, it’s not often I write about my own information but sometimes I just feel compelled to. Annuities are a difficult subject and it is hard to get good annuity help and annuity information. Therefore, I would like to inform you about the information we offer on annuities.

Annuities: The Shocking Truths Revealed is an unbiased look at what it takes to make a good annuity decision. It gives the good bad and the ugly and basically leaves almost no stone unturned. If you are facing a difficult investment decision, whether it is fixed, variable, or equity indexed, you must grab this information. It is timeless and priceless. I will let you read a comment (and I may post more later) about what one gentleman said about our information:

“These e-mail books were very informative. Shortly after buying them I received a few phone calls from agents trying to get my business, but after asking them a few of the suggested questions you pose in your book that one should ask, I understood that they were only interested in a sale and their commission.”

They persisted in sending me their material but that too was just the standard sales pitch and didnt really explain anything. I still have a lot to learn and understand, but your publications cut through the hype and has given me a lot more of an understanding on how annuities are invested and how agents pitch them. Thank You”

—C. Keefe, Berkely CA

To get The Shocking Truths, please click on Help with My Annuity.


Tony Bahu

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