If You Purchased An Annuity in the Last 10 Years, You May Be Entitled To a Return of Your Entire Investment Plus Interest And Damages 

Please Read the Following Very Carefully:

The Following Notice Is Intended For Individuals Who Own A Variable, Fixed, or Equity Index Annuity Sold to Them by an Insurance Agent, Brokerage Firm, Bank, Financial Planner, or Investment Advisor.

Annuity Harm/Unfair Sales Practices

Insurance companies have engaged in unfair business practices by selling annuities and other products with high, hidden fees and other inadequately disclosed problems.  Annuities often do not meet the expectations or needs of consumers and much of the harm often caused by these products goes undetected. Annuity Agents, Brokers, and Salespeople have participated in deceptive practices while selling annuities -- forcing unsuspecting investors to be sold these often inappropriate investments.  Independent studies have found that the majority of annuity sales are inappropriate – resulting in the substantial transfer of annuity buyer’s money being unwittingly transferred to insurance companies -- in exchange for benefits with little to no value.  This harm often results from important information being withheld from consumers at the time of sale as well as post sale.  In the past, consumers have been taken advantage of and powerless against insurance companies.  As an annuity owner, you may qualify for a special program that can identify and recover any harm you have suffered due to an unsuitable annuity. 

You May Qualify If:

  • You own an annuity that has excessive surrender charges
  • You were not informed of the heavy penalties to get out of your annuity
  • You were misinformed about the annuity’s return policy
  • You were not given a prospectus for your annuity at the appropriate time
  • You were misled about how much the annuity may earn
  • You were given any unreasonable expectations about the annuities performance or benefits
  • You were told you could get a stock market return without stock market risk
  • You were told you could receive a lifetime income or withdrawal benefit and were led to believe that the interest rate on those payments to you were in your interest
  • You were not informed of the punitive way your annuity is taxed both when you are alive and when you die [Non-IRA Accounts]
  • You were encouraged to put money in an annuity to qualify for Medicaid or other state benefits
  • You were told that an annuity was needed to avoid probate
  • You lost significant money in your annuity due to recent market conditions
  • You were told that an annuity was better than mutual funds or other investments
  • You were not provided with a clear example of how the annuity’s benefits worked and the impact of the charges you were paying for them
  • You made less money than you expected from your annuity
  • You were not told about the limited liquidity of your annuity
  • You discovered that you could not get certain annuity benefits unless you annuitize or agree to receiving payments over many years
  • You were sold an annuity without being informed of other investment alternatives
  • You have other reasons which may lead you to believe your annuity was unsuitable

To find out if you qualify, click here to fill out the annuity settlement form and one of our representatives will contact you within 72 hours if you qualify


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This is the only authorized website to assess these types of settlements and claims.   Claims filed through other sources may be unreliable in assessing your losses and or damages and may prove to be ineffective or rejected when filing a claim for the return of your money and consequential damages.  This program is not in any way connected with any annuity sales or marketing company.  This is a legal assistance program exclusively to provide the maximum recovery for annuity owners.
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