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"Financial Remedies to Help You Prosper in Today's Currrent Market Crisis"

AnnuityMD clients have been happily served with great information by AnnuityMD.com for years now.  We were the official site who has been warning about the traps of annuities and teaching consumers how to carefully choose annuities if they choose to do so.   We have helped hundreds of consumers not only buy the right annuities, but to avoid the wrong annuities. 

Now the AnnuityMD Cures(TM) newsletter goes much further by assisting you in all of your financial needs.  We cover areas much broader than annuities.  Our goal is to provide you with financial remedies to help you prosper in today's current market crisis. We provide you with accurate and well developed strategies dealing with tax strategies, investment strategies, hedging strategies and much more.  Our subscribers learn how to avoid the market disasters, and how to invest properly by making right decisions for NOW.

Our newsletter is dedicated to assisting you in these strategies.  Not only will we provide you with detailed and timely information, we will provide you with strategies and tips from ourselves and from other experts in the field as to what you can do to NOW to not only save money, but to MAKE money in these economically challenging times.

This Newsletter Will Provide You With Insights on the Following:
  • The worst investments to own for the current economic situation
  • Tax strategies you can implement immediately to capitalize on current market trends and the environment and how to take advantage of the tax laws to your benefit.
  • What investments you must own for profit and for hedging strategies.
  • Economic outlooks that are updated each month.
  • Trends in the economy you need to know about.
  • Current and future outlook on the interest rate environment
  • Current and future outlook on Gold,Silver, and other commodities and when and why you should or shouldn't be investing in these commodities.
  • What to do about your debts and bills and how to effectively manage your overall financial strategy to weather the future economic storm.
  • Future outlooks and prediction on the stock market and where we believe it's
  • How to actually profit from whatever economic challenges we face.
  • How to protect yourself from future bank, financial company, and insurance company crises.
  • And much, much more...

Each month, our newsletter will give you DEFINITIVE information that YOU CAN ACT ON.  This isn't an unusable economics book that you will throw on the shelf.  It is an actionable newsletter designed to guide you through the downturn in our economy.  The best part is that, while people are running scared not knowing what is going on, you will have true valuable insight as to what is really going on and how to protect yourself and profit from the ongoing economic issues we face.

You Will Gain An UNFAIR Advantage
By Learning The Following:

  • Tax strategies that allow you to capitalize on the current downturn in the economy and the housing markets.
  • Investments that actually profit from economic situations that we are currently going through
  • Stategies to protect you from inflation and hyperinflation that may be in our economic future
  • Why deflation will likely not be the future scenario but what to do in case it is
  • Strategies that hedge economic disasters we are likely to face
  • How the current economic policies affect your investment portfolio
  • Things to teach your children so they won't have to count on a faltering Social Security System that probably won't be there for them
  • What's causing our markets to react like this.  This knowledge will help you act rationally rather than irrationally.
  • Why government bailouts are going to challenge our current 'free markets' and what you can do about it.
  • Specific stocks that go UP when the market goes down
  • The easiest way to invest in Gold and other commodities if you need to
  • And Much Much More...

I am not going to tell you you need this.  But I will tell you the following:  This newsletter will leave you far ahead of where you might be if you try to go at this alone.  Each month will provide you with specific strategies of how you can protect yourself and benefit.  One simple tip can save your entire financial future.  And on the flipside, making one of these mistakes we teach you to avoid could cost you a fortune.

Here's The Cost And Why It's Worth Every Penny

If you are at this page, chances are you are trying to make a decision about your financial future right now.  AnnuityMD Cures is a valuable and practical newsletter that is designed to assist you and your family survive and thrive in these economically challenging times.

People who already read our newsletter agree that one of these tips could make you thousands of dollars or help you to avoid losing your hard earned nest egg. 

Understanding just one of these strategies that I reveal... may save you tens and tens of thousands of dollars and save you years of grief and aggravation.  Seriously, do you know what it's like to be caught in the economic downturn with no clue as to what's going on?  It's painful and could be very costly.

When you become a subscriber to this newsleter, it will pay for itself one thousand times over in the money that you'll save alone!  The money you will save and earn as a direct result of this relevant and detailed information can pay you back 1,000 times your minimal investment.  What if you don't invest in the AnnuityMD Cures newsletter  and you end up making one of the mistakes that could cost you thousands of dollars in your future?  Furthermore, what if one tip we give you has a significant positive impact on your financial situation (which we believe it will)?

As an existing AnnuityMD.com client, we have a a special offer for you.  We are offering this newsletter to everyone else for the low price of only $47.95 per month (Please see
http://www.AnnuityMD.com/cures47.html).  This price is temporary and as soon as we reach a given threshold, we will be changing the price to $99.00 per month.  This price will not likely last for too much longer.

However, since you are an existing client, you are eligible to attain this newsletter at only $19.95 per month. 
You can see this by going clicking on this link: 

Yes, we are not joking when we say it is being offered to the public for $47.95 a month.  This is not some ploy to make you feel like you are getting a deal.  We are actually only offering this special price to our existing clients who have purchased the Shocking Truths or one of our publications or previous newsletters.  And for those who are not existing clients who happen to find this page, we actually reject them from getting this price. 

If you think $19.95 is too much to pay, ask how much ignorance will cost you.  If you choose to do this, you may cancel at any time with our no hassle no questions ask cancellation policy.  There are no long term commitments for this newsletter. 

So if you are looking for help and direction for your financial future, this is the right decision.  If you need insight as to what is going on, this is where to find it.  We are committed to providing the best and most non-biased information to you as our subscriber.  You will be glad you made this move.  Thank you for your continued confidence and we look forward to serving you in the future. 

Tony Bahu

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