Fixed Annuity
"Not Always Be the Best Deal And Here's Why..."
There have been many questions posed regarding fixed annuities.  One buys fixed annuities for their safety and the backing of insurance companies but that's not always what they get.  Often times, one finds out that their annuity is not serving their financial future and soon discover the heavy penalties to escape.  In fact, at any given moment, you can find disgruntled annuity owners trying hard to get out of their fixed annuity contracts. 

As time moves on, investments seem to become more complicated.  Fixed annuities are certainly no exception.  Everywhere you turn, there seems to be negative press on annuities.  Although much of this is exaggerated due to media hype, some of it is not unfounded.  We have interviewed countless number of individuals who feel like they have been 'fooled' by the insurance company or the agent who sold them the so called 'safe investment.'

The bottom line is that the black and white isn't always that obvious.  Many of the sales pieces for these annuities aren't very clear.  The 'client approved' piece(what your agent show you) seems so rosy compared to the fine print in the actual prospectus (the piece they usually don't show you until after you sign) and if you have ever done your homework, you know exactly what I am talking about.

So what causes many annuity owners to be fooled and get into something that doesn't serve them?  That answer isn't so obvious.  There are various reasons for this.  Often times, ommissions occur by the agent either knowingly or unknowingly.  Sometimes the client just fails to do their homework.  And sometimes, the insurance company just has a product that is inferior to other investment alternatives that are available.

Whatever the case, AnnuityMD.com is committed to making sure that prospective annuity buyers are aware of ALL the facts before they buy.  We offer a comprehensive and detailed book titled 'Annuities: The Shocking Truths Revealed' which uncovers much of the hidden truth behind these often controversial vehicles called annuities.  In all fairness, they certainly are not always bad deals.  In fact, they can sometimes be a huge benefit when used properly.  All in all, it's a matter of knowing what you buy and most importantly buyer beware.  The best way to avoid the mistakes in the first place is to be educated.  Ignorance is not bliss especially when it comes to your money.

To get more information on how to avoid being taken advantage of by a fixed annuity, please visit us at AnnuityMD.com and take a look at what we have to say.  It may save you a fortune. 

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