Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Free Annuity Report Reveals Exactly What You Need to Know

'Annuities the Shocking Truths Revealed' being offered at NO CHARGE for a limited time only

Years ago, AnnuityMD.com was introduced to the public and it was a site designed to be an 'Objective Annuity Consumer Protection Firm.' In otherwords, AnnuityMD was designed to provide unbiased information to people who wanted to know about annuities. Not the textbook explanation. But what it is that agents aren't telling them---the inside secrets that are never revealed to them.

So that's where AnnuityMD.com came in. It was just that. The plain and simple unbiased truth about annuities. And since it's inception, this website, through it's report has literally helped hundreds of people avoid the costly mistakes that people make when buying annuities. And guess what? It just got better.

Now this free annuity report can be yours for FREE. No, there is no catch. You can read the entire story on the website. However, this offer may only be good for a limited time. It has sold, since it's inception for $50 to $100 and has sold quite well. There is a chance now to obtain a copy for no charge.

Therefore, if you are suspicious about your annuity, your annuities, your agent, or anything regarding your investment, you NEED to pick up your copy now. It is worth it. Oh, and by the way, if you think AnnuityMD is giving this away to try to make you an annuity lead, you're wrong. AnnuityMD and its affiliates DO NOT SELL ANNUITIES. Therefore, you can be rest assured that you are not going to be an 'annuity lead.'

I certainly hope you take advantage of this offer. If the offer is no longer available by the time you read this, please do not e-mail us requesting your free copy.

Ignorance is NOT BLISS


Tony Bahu

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Two Tier Annuities Continues

So now that we are on the subject of two tier annuities, let me go over that again.

From an earlier blog post, here is the definition of a two tier annuity:

'Now, as far as two-tiered annuities, they have no defined end of term. This means that no matter how long you keep the money in, it has to stay in until you 1) stay in for a defined period and 2) take your money out over a defined period. It calls for two sets of action in order to free yourself of a surrender charge. It is sometimes not a great deal for the client.'

So awareness is the key to making great decisions. With that in mind, what you need to know is this. Two tier annuities have been and continue to get heat from consumers and attorney generals all over the country. Some states have gone as far as banning them from being sold in their states (one example is New Jersey). Some companies are notorious for having many two tiered annuities in their portfolios. They may seem like a good deal but you must be aware of ALL factors before getting involved. Two tier annuities are not horrible for everyone or every situation, but they can be detrimental if you don't know what you're getting into.

With that in mind, it is important to know your product and ask your salesperson very detailed questions. Don't get caught in a two tier annuity if you don't know everything about it.

Next time I will point out a list of specific two tier annuities that you will want to be careful of before you get involved. Until then...

Ignorance is NOT Bliss....

Tony Bahu

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