Where oh Where Can My Money Be
"The Official Song as Performed By AnnuityMD.com CEO Tony Bahu"
Well, here is the official song, 'Where oh Where Can My Money Be' as performed (and lyrics by) AnnuityMD.com CEO Tony Bahu.  Please feel free to share this with your friends.  LYRICS APPEAR BELOW THE SONG


Where Oh Where Can My Money Be
Lyrics by Tony Bahu

Where Oh Where Can My Money Be,
The market took it away from me,
It's gone to hell but I gotta believe,
The market will come back one day you'll see,

We were havin' a blast market goin' up fast,
Times were good we thought they would last,
But there in the road just straight ahead,
The market stalled, tech stocks went dead,

I didn't believe the Bull market was dead,
The very thought went over my head,
Google, Yahoo, AIG,
The whole market tumbled down on me,


Now I look at returns for the S&P,
I can't believe what I see,
Negative returns market going down fast,
Harry Dent you can kiss my ***!!!!

I lift up my phone,
 call my advisor who says
Hold on please just a little while,
So I hold tight and I reminisce, about those days I know I'll miss,
Now there gone but I beg and plead,
Oh market go up for me!!!!


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