Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Unsuitable Annuity

Were you sold an unsuitable annuity? Chances are you probably are not sure. Well what I can tell you is we can help. AnnuityMD.com has recently partnered up with a company that has the ability to do a full comprehensive analysis on your annuity. Therefore, there's no more guessing. I have seen this reports and I love them. I think there is nothing like them in the industry that can provide you with a more detailed look inside your annuity to see if it does what your agent said it does.

Whether your agent miscommunicated, lied to you, or was unaware that he was putting you in an unsuitable annuity, there is something you can do. Don't feel like you are trapped. If you do find out the annuity is unsuitable, there is recourse. Often times it is against the insurance company. Don't believe that you are trapped just because 'they' say so and don't let the insurance company bully you around. We can help. Visit us at AnnuityMD.com and see what we can do for you. And for a limited time, we have a VERY special offer that we have never offered before. Please go. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.


Tony Bahu
Ignorance is NOT BLISS

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